About ProTec Tulum

ProTec Tulum Team

Our ProTec Tulum Dive Center team consists of five full time Instructors. Three are Technical Cave Instructors with Kim, Patrick, Matt. Two more Instructors with Lelle and Jaime are on their way to become Technical cave Instructors. There are two additional full time staff members with Rosso and Mali who keep the ProTec Tulum Dive Center open and running smoothly with its daily operation. Jose keeps the fill station running and tanks full. Although you may not see them a lot Rosalba, Toro and Rob work at ProTec Playa Dive Center but help out in ProTec Tulum Dive Center when help is needed. Rosalba is our in-house accountant and keeps the ship afloat.

We offer a unique training opportunity for Instructors as we have with Patrick one in-house PSAI Instructor Trainers working at ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen full time.

Our staff of full time employees is dedicated to the service of our customers, and we schedule our staff according to our customers needs. We are not a sales agent for divers needs. We are a complete in-house service provider. Our part time employees are guides and Instructors who live and dive in the area and their field of expertiese for years to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.

Please have a look at our Trip Advisor pages for the ProTec Tulum dive center as well as our Facebook page for positive feedback we have received from previous students and guests.


Rosso, a Mexican native, is the main man in the reception keeping the store open, tanks filled and the light bill paid. Rosso is the person you will see first when you walk in with empty tanks or into the reception before 2pm most days. Rosso is a Intro to cave diver and Nitrox blender and in this capacity he is filling CCR tanks as well


Rosalba, a Mexican native, is working at ProTec Playa but is doing most of the in-house accounting and permit organization. Without her life would be a lot more harder at ProTec Tulum. Click here to learn more about Rosalba


Jose, a Mexican native, is our main man when it comes to keep all tanks full and the compressors and membrane system running. Jose is doing oil changes and filter changes as wel on the compressors and membrane system


Jaime was born is Spain and has joined ProTec Tulum as a cave guide and Intro to Cave Instructor. Jaime is in love with Sidemount diving and is helping out filling Rebreather tanks in his capacity as nitrox blender. Click here to learn more about Jaime


Lelle is from Sweden and has just completed his Intro to Cave Instructor rating. Lelle is well on his way to become a Technical Cave Instructor.


Maliki, a Mexican native, is the brother of Rosso and helping out to run the reception. 


Kim was born in Sweden and is one of the owners of ProTec Tulum. Kim is a CCR cave diver, technical cave diver and advanced cave diver Instructor. Kim is running the ProTec Tulum store. Please click here to learn more about Kim


Patrick was born in Austria and is one of the owners of ProTec Tulum. Patrick is a CCR cave diver, CCR Instrcuctor, CCR cave Instructor, technical cave Instructor, advanced sidemount Instructor, stage - multi stage Instructor and DPV Instructor. Patrick is our in-house PSAI Instructor Trainer to Trimix and Technical cave levels. Please click here to learn more about Patrick


Matt was born in Germany and is one of the owners of ProTec Tulum as well as the founder of ProTec Dive Centers in Mexico. Matt is a Instructor on a number of CCR Rebreathers, a CCR cave Instructor, technical cave Instructor, Trimix Instructor, DPV - stage - sidemount Instructor as well as the in-house IANTD Instructor Trainer. Please click here to learn more about Matt